About us

Keith Rivenbark began Rivenbark Ministries in 1998 with his daughter, Kayla Rivenbark Dowdy. The ministry currently consists of Keith Rivenbark who manages the group and sings lead/baritone vocals. Keith’s daughter, Kayla Rivenbark Dowdy sings soprano and writes some of the group’s music. Shane Smith sings lead/tenor for the group and Joe Bailey Jr. handles the bass part. Jeff Kearney is the sound technician and bus driver.


Although Keith and Kayla are the only Rivenbark’s in the group, they are family! Not only do they love doing what God has called them to do, they love spending time together off of the stage.


Being a true family ministry, oftentimes they’ll have spouses, children or grandchildren riding the bus as well.


If you’re looking for entertainers, they might not be the group for you however, if you want to book a group that will sing their hearts out while following the leading of the Holy Spirit, then you should definitely give them a call!